Focus on results and create commitment

Focus on Results


Since home working became omnipresent, a lot of companies increased their focus on time even more. Rules related to business hours got reinforced or new ones such as a response time of 5 minutes on chat messages or emails got introduced.

Focus on time

Such rules can lead to frustration and demotivation because the lack of trust within a company becomes even more visible. Furthermore, mistakes and time wasted increase due to new challenges which arise with home working.


Especially during the Corona crisis, a lot of us face challenges and distractions like our families, flatmates and pets because everyone is at home all the time. People develop new routines and re-discover personal preferences like their most productive working hours.

Focus on results

Due to all the reasons above, consider focusing on results instead of time. That mindset change increases commitment and motivation since working hours can be adjusted to personal circumstances and needs. Furthermore, a focus on results leads to clear goals and objectives, which again improves communication. On top, it is a lot more fun for everyone.

Create Commitment

The focus change from time to results is only possible when everyone is committed to their work. Commitment can be created and increased with the following approach:

  1. Planning meeting
    Regular planning meetings (e.g. weekly) are necessary in which the team discusses goals, objectives and future work. Big workloads are split into smaller tasks. The overall focus is on results and outcome.
  2. Create a To-Do List
    As soon as the objectives are clear and smaller tasks got created, the team decides on the number of work items they believe they can tackle until the next planning meeting takes place. The group pulls these tasks into their To-Do list for the upcoming week.
  3. Sync
    In regular sync sessions every team member states in a few sentences their working progress and if they face issues which prevents them from finishing their tasks on time. This short exchange provides transparency and creates further commitment.