Break down silos — start with Mystery Lunches

Mystery Lunch


When employees within the same company, purposely do not share knowledge and information between departments and teams, a Silo mentality exists. Such a mindset causes, among other things, misalignment, poor decision making, slow processes and miscommunication. It not only exists in established hierarchical companies but also in more modern ones. There is often the belief that companies with cross-functional teams cannot have such a Silo mentality. However, such teams tend to become so independent that they become silos on their own.

It is essential to change such a mindset and break down the barriers. The Mystery lunch is one approach in doing so.

What is it, and how does it work?

A Mystery lunch is a lunch appointment with two randomly selected employees. Employees within the whole company can voluntarily register for such lunch dates. Random matches will be drawn and announced. In order to foster higher participation, mystery lunches should happen regularly and can be made even more appealing by providing lunch vouchers.

Advantages of the mystery lunch

With regular mystery lunches employees start to connect across departments and teams. Relationships can foster, which leads to increased solidarity, acceptance and understanding. In the long run, conflicts and miscommunication will decrease, and barriers will slowly break down.

A Mystery lunch can also be made remote. Start now to create a better togetherness.