6 Online Collaboration Tools



Due to the Corona Crisis collaboration tools became very valuable. I am providing you with an overview of the tools I am regularly using to collaborate online with colleagues and customers.

Before using any of these tools, make sure that they are policy and security conform with your company.


Asana is a work management software. It helps teams or single individuals to organize, track, and manage their work. It provides the possibility to visualize your work in a Kanban Board or to keep track of your tasks in a simple To-Do List.



Miro is an online whiteboard tool. I am using it for my online workshops and meetings such as Retrospectives, Brainstorming sessions, Planning sessions, and so on.


Zoom / Hangout

Zoom and Hangout are videotelephony and online chat services. I use them for my workshops, meetings and alignments, often in combination with Miro or other tools.

Recently Zoom struggled with some significant security issues. Please decide for yourself if you want to use that software.



Mentimeter creates presentations with real-time feedback and voting. Whenever I want to receive fast feedback related to specific topics, I create questionnaires or surveys with this tool. The results can be easily presented.



Slack is a communication platform. It has some downsides, and I am also not the biggest fan of it. However, for simple collaboration and communication activities is it handy.



Sli.Do is a Q&A and polling platform. I use it during meetings and events to enforce live Q&A sessions.