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Do you want to unlock your company’s full potential?

Do you want to create a purposeful, exciting and successful workplace?

Do you want to keep up with today’s challenges and grow your business?


Let yourself be inspired and become a Pioneer …

Why I do it

Happy employees help your company to grow exponentially

During my years of professional experience, I always had a strong ambition to discover new ways of working, find unique solutions and experiment with them. That freedom not only motivated me and made my work more fulfilling and fun, but also the companies I worked for were growing and evolving by my actions. 

My Inspiration

Innovative and progressive companies inspire me because they not only emerge in the marketplace with new, ground-breaking products and services, but they also demonstrate to everyone that there is more to work than just making money:

  • They have a purpose and live up to that purpose
  • They motivate and empower their employees with trust, transparency and honesty
  • They give people a chance to grow and a space to learn
  • They constantly challenge the status quo and give employees the freedom to experiment with new ideas

The Benefits

I trust that such companies will be the future and that they can keep up with challenges such as increasingly complex marketplaces, rapid change and economic instability.

These companies are not only gaining an expanding market share, enjoying increasing profits, and posing a disruptive threat to more established businesses. They also unlock the full potential of their employees, inspire them daily and provide fulfilling and fun work environments.

My Purpose

Every company can earn these benefits, accomplish outstanding achievements and create an exceptional work experience for its employees.

It was because of this that I became a Business Agile Coach and Organizational Development Consultant to make a difference for employees and inspire companies to become purposeful, exciting and successful workplaces.



What I do

The strength and success of a company depend on its employees

Therefore, I use paradigms and approaches which focus firmly on the mindset and the human factor, including:

  • Agile Leadership & Scrum
  • Gemba Kaizen & Lean
  • Holacracy & Sociocracy
  • Teal & Self-Management & Team of Teams
  • Management 3.0 & Clear Leadership

Everyone is unique

However, although all of these innovative paradigms and approaches are inspirational, I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every company is unique, with its own culture, needs and challenges.

Therefore, I assist companies in finding their way to grow, evolve and overcome challenges.

Start with the mindset

All of these innovative paradigms and approaches require a mindset change and share the following principles:

  • Have a purpose
  • Provide Feedback, positive communication and listen more
  • Create empowerment, transparency and trust
  • Encourage autonomy and experimentation

As a Business Agile Coach, I use these principles as a starting point and strongly focus on the mindset to create a purposeful, exciting and successful workplace, which unlocks the full potential of your employees and thus of your company.

Are you ready to get inspired and become a pioneer?



What I do differently

Your employees are the secret to your company’s exponential growth

That is why I work closely with teams and leadership to discover new ways of working and useful solutions, which fit their purpose and needs. By involving everyone, they feel empowered to support changes, instead of resisting them.

You can create a “Flywheel” Effect with the right motivation

If employees are motivated in the right way, momentum builds and they will line up with enthusiasm to keep that momentum going. A purpose, transparency, trust, engagement and honesty provide this motivation.

Every organizational structure can lead to success with the right mindset

Of course, the hierarchy should be kept to a minimum because every layer increases inconsistent information and delayed decision making. But if you have the right mindset in your teams and inspirational leadership, every approach (hierarchy, circles, stars, …) can lead to success.

Everyone has hidden potential

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

I inspire your company to have lasting success

I inspire your employees to create momentum that continues long after I am gone.

I live and work according to my core principles

  • Be a Pioneer and inspire others to become a Pioneer on its own
  • Doing the impossible
  • Steadily improve yourself and grow continuously
  • Constantly challenge yourself and others
  • Work hard but keep it fun
  • Question conventional approaches




What some of my customers say about me:

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Renate Lackinger

Agile/Systemic Business Coach & Consultant

Renate Lackinger is an agile practitioner (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Holacracy etc.) since 2010. She is igniting the growth of leaders and high-performing teams, unlocking agile potential, and inspiring people to believe anything is possible. 2014 she founded her company AMITAH – Business Coaching which focuses on organisational development, agile transformation, and leadership advising. In addition, she is a university lecturer at the FernFH Ferdinand Porsche for Business Informatics.

Max Winkler

Scrum Master, Agile Coch and Trainer

He is expert in Scrum, Kanban and lateral team management. His focus is on self-organized teams & creative new ways of working. Currently he conducts a training in systemic organizational development, Team development and leadership in an agile context

jobsta OG

Software development, IT-Consulting

jobsta develops professional custom software solutions. With profound expertise in quality software development, process automation and IT security jobsta consults various national and international companies in the fields of project management, software architecture and system design.

Elisabeth Walter

the constellator, coach and trainer. Expert when it comes to systems and “being human” in companies. The inventor of the mentoring seminar, which specifically trains business mentors, with a focus on understanding system dynamic processes (systems such as group, rank, communication dynamics)

Zeus consulting

“Reach goals with us!” Since the company was founded in 2006, the Zeus consulting team around Mag. Christoph Mezgolits, CMC, CIM, advised successfully over 100 customers from business, sport and the municipal sector in the areas Strategy development, Team / leadership, Marketing, Management, Optimizing purchasing, Creation and evaluation of mission statements, Project coaching & submission of funding, Creation, submission and implementation of energy measures and Funding advice, submission support and economic support.

Contact me

Do you want to accomplish outstanding achievements and create exceptional work experience for your employees? Contact me if you are ready to get inspired and become a Pioneer!


Karin Haberleithner
Ruckergasse 29/12, A-1120 Vienna
+43 664 279 49 09

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